A collection of miscellaneous bits and pieces of information and illustrations to supplement your lessons. 


11 Rules for Children to Learn | Good advice for all kids.
177 Titles and Names of Christ | Based on the KJV.
• 25 Great One-Liners | Thoughts to ponder.
57 Cents | God can use the smallest to do His work.
• A Matter of Perspective | Regarding our troops.
A Mouse Story | When one of us is threatened we are all at risk.
A Refiner and Purifier of Silver | Insight into the refiner and his fire.
A Village of Just 100 People | If the world was reduced to a village of 100.
An 8 Year Old Explains God | A child’s homework assignment.
I Receive Your Smell | Saying “I Love You” in the Fon language of Benin.
Beauty of Mathematics | What will it take for you to give 101%?
Before You Decide | Ask these questions before making decisions.
Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee Beans | Which are you?
Cell Phones and Bibles | If we treated our Bibles like our cell phones.
Chain Reaction | Events set in motion by a Sunday School treacher.
Change Your Strategy | Think about how we say things.
Christ in the Word | Christ in all the books of the Bible.
Coal Basket Bible | Read a portion of God’s Word every day.
Corporate Geniuses | For lessons on leadership.
Dear God | Children’s prayers to God.
Do Good Now! | Don’t put off opportunities to do good.
Dogs | Are you the person your dog thinks you are?
Don’t We All? | Three words worth considering.
Dr. Christianson’s Donuts | Not all sermons are preached with words.
Easter 2008 | Why Easter came early in 2008.
Fellowship of the Unashamed | From the diary of a young African martyr.
God and the Spider | An unusual wall of protection.
Have a Cup of Coffee | A thought-provoking parable.
I Think About You Everyday | A man with a close walk with Jesus.
Information, Please | Never underestimate the impression you make.
Inspiring Thoughts | By great Christian speakers.
Integrity Counts | How much is your integrity worth?
Interest on the Widow’s Mite | Do the math on this small gift.
Interesting Signs | These give new meaning to “signs of the times.”
Isaiah 65:24 | An African child who prayed with boldness.
It Depends Whose Hands It’s In | Consider the worth of what is in your hands.
It’s Almost Jesus’ Birthday | What gift will you give to Jesus this year?
Jesus Had No Servants | Consider Jesus and how He lived.
Jesus Loves Me | Senior adult version.
Language Twists | Who said English was easy to learn?
Mean Moms and Dads | Why parents are so mean.
Old Cowboy in Church | Illustration of James 2:1-4.
One Sentence Themes of Bible Books | Based on the KJV.
One Solitary Life | A summary of Christ’s life.
Positive Diversity | People will remember how you made them feel.
Psalm 23 | A new look at a favorite psalm.
Quotes by Famous People
Random Thoughts | Modern day proverbs.
Resumé of Jesus Christ | Give Jesus the top position ion your heart.
Return the Cross to Golgotha | Don’t lose sight of where Jesus died.
Road Rage | Do others see Jesus in you?
Seven Great Changes | Insight from D.L. Moody.
State Constitution Preambles
Take the Son | Illustration of John 3:16.
Ten Ways to Stay Young
The Bible Attacked
The Bible in 50 Words
The Bottom Line | No excuses for living according to low expectations.
The Carpenter | Build wisely.
The Lord’s Baseball Game | It takes Grace to get you home.
The Lord’s Prayer
The Meaning of the Candy Cane | A symbol of the meaning of Christmas.
The Sand and the Stone | Advice for dealing with hurts and blessings.
The Seven Wonders of the World
The Tablecloth | Beautiful story about a reunion.
The Value | Value what is important.
The Whipping | What Jesus did for us.
Three Things | Consider this as you live your life.
To Kids Born in the 1930’s — 1960’s | Reflections on growing up.
Violinist in the Metro | It pays to stop to listen to the music.
What Will God Ask?
What Others Have Said About the Bible
When Insults Had Class | On the use of the tongue.
William Borden | A short life well-lived.
You Say / God Says | Keep things in perspective.


Back Home | Reflecting on childhood.
Count Your Blessings
Failure | A reminder that failure does not have to be final.
Freedom Isn’t Free
Holy Alphabet
I Won’t Let Go | On perseverance.
Kiss My Foot | Every member of the body is important.
Ten Little Christians | Are you on the building or wrecking crew?
The Anvil | About the enduring nature of God’s Word.
The Cork and the Whale | About staying afloat in tough times.
The Oyster | Making the most of what gets under your skin.
The Weaver | On perspective.
Tomorrow | On procrastination.
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me | On loss and grief.


Average Christians Can’t Play Baseball
Bible Humor
Biblical Headlines
Can of Worms | An object lesson goes wrong.
Children’s Biblical Wisdom
Classes for Men
Daddy’s Gonna Eat Your Fingers
Eleven People on a Rope | The power of a moving speech.
Humorous Newspaper Ads
Holiday Tips
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Just One of Those Days
Kids Answers to Questions About Moms
Melody in F | A different look at the parable of the prodigal son.
Noah’s Ark 2005
Pecans in the Cemetery | How fast can you run?
Praise Choruses and Hymns
Redneck Church
Religious Funnies
Riding a Dead Horse
Secret of a Long Marriage
A Senior Christmas | New twist on “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”
Signs You Are in For a Long Sermon
Summary of Last Year on Computer
Ten Reasons You Should Tithe
Test to See if You’re a Grinch
Ways to Know You’re in a Bad Church
Wrong E-mail Address | Double-check the address before sending email.

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