One Sentence Themes of Bible Books


Genesis  Begin with God. 
Exodus  Come out for God. 
Leviticus  Get right with God. 
Numbers  Get somewhere! 
Deuteronomy  Stop and think. 
Joshua  Take the land. 
Judges  Watch the borders. 
Ruth  Gather the grain. 
1 Samuel  Light the altar lamps. 
2 Samuel  Call David—God’s anointed. 
1 Kings  Set the King on his throne. 
2 Kings  Get the mantle. 
1 Chronicles  Keep the royal line. 
2 Chronicles  Honor the King. 
Ezra  Repair God’s house. 
Nehemiah  Rebuild God’s city. 
Esther  Trust God’s grace. 
Job  “Let Him have His way with you.” 
Psalms  Praise and pray. 
Proverbs  Walk and work. 
Ecclesiastes  “Fear God”—if you be wise. 
Song of Songs  Love Him with all your heart. 
Isaiah  He is coming! 
Jeremiah  Get ready with cleansing. 
Lamentations  Get ready with weeping. 
Ezekiel  He will restore the Temple. 
Daniel  He will bring the Kingdom. 
Hosea  Return, therefore, O Israel. 
Joel  Sound the alarm. 
Amos  Drop the plumb line. 
Obadiah  Possess your possessions. 
Jonah  “Preach the preaching I bid thee.” 
Micah  Look and live. 
Nahum  Behold, the mountains quake! 
Habakkuk  But there’s light ahead. 
Zephaniah  So sing, as you go. 
Haggai  Work as you go. 
Zechariah  “For the Lord shall yet comfort Zion.” 
Malachi  Lo! His Messenger! 
Matthew  The Messiah is here! 
Mark His wonderful works prove Him. 
 Luke  He is a friend of sinners. 
John  He is the Son of God! 
Acts  He is at God’s right hand for us! 
Romans  Come to Him for righteousness. 
1 Corinthians  For all the gifts of His grace. 
2 Corinthians  For comfort and riches. 
Galatians  For freedom and power. 
Ephesians  For fulness of life. 
Philippians  Take Him for joy. 
Colossians  “Ye are complete in Him.” 
1 Thessalonians  He is surely coming again! 
2 Thessalonians  But wait and work till He comes. 
1 Timothy  Guard the gospel. 
2 Timothy  Guard the witness. 
Titus  Adorn the doctrine. 
Philemon  Be kind to all for His sake. 
Hebrews  He is our intercessor at the throne. 
James  Work out His salvation. 
1 Peter  “To you who believe He is precious.” 
2 Peter  To you who believe He is gracious—and glorious.
1 John  He is the life. 
2 John  He is the truth. 
3 John  He is the way. 
Jude  He is able to keep you from falling. 
Revelation  And to present you faultless at His appearing.

John Weaver Weddell • “Your Study Bible”
Published by The Sunday School Times Company • 1918

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