Articles | Links to miscellaneous articles and documents about the Bible.

Bible Charts | Miscellaneous charts on the books of the Bible and Bible personalities and events from the pages of Scripture.

Devotional Notes | Miscellaneous devotionals on selected passages of Scripture.

Fasting | Practical information and instruction about an important but oft neglected spiritual discipline.

Fellowship Fun | Ideas for fun fellowship activities to do with your small group.

Go Beyond Blog | A journal of my experiences leading local and international missions initiatives and comments on current events and concerns.

Illustrations | A collection of miscellaneous bits and pieces of information and illustrations to supplement your lessons.

Intentional Ideas | Resources for Sunday School teachers and small group leaders. These intentional ideas are designed to help you to make the most of your lesson preparation and presentation, small group organization, and ministry opportunities.

Know Your Bible | General information on the Bible, how to study the Bible, and how to memorize Scripture.

A Sacred Assembly | Resources prepared and used by Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas for the observance of our first sacred assembly.

Where to Look | A helpful quick-reference guide on where to find help in the Bible.

Sharing Your Faith | Practical advice on sharing and showing your faith in Christ.