Chain Reaction

Never underestimate how God can use you if you will faithfully serve Him!

In 1858 Mr. Edward Kimball, a Sunday School teacher, led a Boston shoe clerk to give his life to Christ.

The shoe clerk, Dwight L. Moody, became an evangelist. In 1879 he preached in England and awakened the evangelistic zeal in the heart of Frederick B. Meyer, pastor of a small church.

F.B. Meyer preached on an American campus and a student named J. Wilbur Chapman gave his life to Christ.

Chapman, engaged in YMCA work, employed Billy Sunday, a former baseball player, to do evangelistic work.

Billy Sunday held a revival in Charlotte, North Carolina. Afterward, a group of local men were so enthusiastic that they planned another evangelistic campaign and invited Mordecai Hamm to preach.

In that revival, a young man named William Graham heard the gospel and gave his life to Christ.

Billy Graham … (and the story goes on).

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