A Christian teenager gave me a paperback copy of the New Testament on February 19, 1973. I was a Junior in high school at the time. I took that New Testament home and began to read it that night.

As I read through the New Testament I was fascinated by the life and ministry of Jesus, by the commitment of those who courageously shared His message, and by the practical instruction contained throughout the New Testament. The more I read, the more convicted I became that something was missing in my life.

Within a matter of weeks I heard a presentation of the gospel message. For the first time in my life I understood my sinful condition and my need for Jesus Christ. I repented of my sins and placed my faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. God had used the faithfulness and kindness of the Christian teenager to get my attention and lead me to faith in Christ.

I have had a Bible in my hand almost every day since I received my first copy of the New Testament in 1973. I never tire of reading, studying, applying, and teaching its truths.

God allowed me the wonderful privilege of serving in the ministry of Christian education in local churches from 1978 to 2005. Throughout that 27 year period I contributed to Sunday School resources published by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention and led Bible studies in several countries around the world. In July 2005, I entered a new phase of ministry as the Missions Pastor at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas.

Many of the notes on these pages were first shared in weekly faculty meetings with my teachers. I also continue to add notes on a regular basis, so please check back often. My prayer is that these quick reference notes will assist you in your study and application of God’s Word.

May God richly bless you as you study and live out the truths of His Word. And remember, no one graduates from Bible Study until he meets the Author face to face.

Omar C. García
Missions Pastor
Kingsland Baptist Church
Katy, Texas