Job 41

Jehovah’s First Words from the Whirlwind   (40:6 – 41:34) — continued

God asked Job if he could go fishing and catch a giant crocodile (41:1-2). And, if Job could catch a crocodile, what could he do with it? He certainly could not make the crocodile pray to him. The crocodile has mighty limbs, fierce teeth, strong jaws, and a hard covering (41:12-17). The crocodile is a powerful animal. When he churns up the river and blows out water he resembles a fire-breathing dragon (41:18-24). The crocodile is fearless. Man’s weapons do not intimidate him. He can handle any enemy on land or water. If Job cannot bring the mighty crocodile under his power, how can he be so presumptuous as to question the crocodile’s Creator?

This concludes God’s interrogation of Job. God’s interrogation served to teach Job some important lessons about the might and sovereignty of God. Job, who earlier couldn’t wait to argue his case before God, was speechless. He was totally awe-struck before God. He came to the realization that God was greater than he had ever imagined.

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