Job 42

Job’s Reply   (42:1-6)

Job was finally brought to the end of himself. Humbly, he submitted himself to God. Job began his confession by acknowledging the sovereignty of God (42:1-2). He recognized that no one or no thing could thwart the plans of God. God is absolutely sovereign. Job also acknowledged the inscrutability of God’s ways (42:3 and see also Romans 11:33-34).

Job admitted that he had presumptuously spoken about things he did not understand. Job acknowledged that his own wisdom and insight was woefully inadequate. He demonstrated a teachable spirit (42:4).

Someone has said that suffering makes students of us all. Charles Spurgeon said, “The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is the knowledge of our own ignorance.”

Job expressed that he now had a keener awareness of God (42:5). Finally, Job repented of his presumptuous words and attitude toward God (42:6). Job was broken. Satan had lost. God was glorified. The storm had passed.


God addressed Job’s three friends and expressed his displeasure over their misrepresentation of Him. They had misrepresented God by limiting His sovereignty, by claiming to know why Job was suffering, and by thinking that they knew exactly why and how God does what He does. They had reduced God to a formula and a cliché. God ordered them to offer a blood sacrifice for their sin. Job was to pray for and forgive his friends. Job’s three friends swallowed their pride and did exactly what God told them to do.

After Job prayed for his friends and forgave them, God restored his fortunes. Once again, loved ones surrounded Job. Job’s loved ones gave him gifts of silver and gold, tangible expressions of their support. And God restored Job’s fortunes two-fold. In addition, God gave Job seven more sons and three more daughters. Job even included his three beautiful daughters in the family inheritance. And finally, God restored Job’s future. He lived an additional 140 years.

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