Job 40

Jehovah’s First Words from the Whirlwind   (38:1 – 40:2) — continued

God called upon Job to present his case (40:1-2). He called upon Job to answer His questions.

Job’s Reply   (40:3-5)

Job responded by saying that he could not answer God (40:3-5). In fact, Job acknowledged that he just seemed to be getting himself into deeper weeds with every passing word. It would be better to remain silent than to try to contend with God.

Jehovah’s Final Words from the Whirlwind   (40:6 – 41:34)

God again challenged Job to gird up his loins and prepare for another round (40:6). God wanted for Job to face up to his guilt in questioning His love and justice in order to justify himself. Job’s friends had misjudged him on the basis of appearances. Job was guilty of the same thing in regard to God. He misjudged God on the basis of appearances.

God, therefore, asked Job to instruct Him and to try to condemn Him (40:7-8). God, in essence, invited Job to try to do a better Job than Him of running the universe (40:9-14). He invited Job to deal with some of the kinds of problems He must deal with like humbling the proud. If Job could successfully do those things then God would concede to Job’s criticism of Him.

God accentuated His point by calling Job’s attention to the hippopotamus. The hippopotamus is one of the most powerful of all creatures. He eats at leisure and is not intimidated by a raging river. God asked Job if he could go fishing and reel in the mighty hippopotamus. If Job could not capture and control a hippopotamus, he certainly could not control the Creator of that hippopotamus.

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