Job 35

Elihu’s Solution to Job’s Problem   (32:1 – 37:24) — Continued

Elihu began his third speech by, once again, quoting Job’s own words. To his credit, Elihu listened more carefully to Job than did the others. He restated Job’s words that it appears there is no reward for living righteously (35:1-3). Elihu addressed Job and his friends by reminding them that God is higher than man (35:4-5). Our actions, whether sinful or righteous, do not change who God is, although it affects our fellow human beings (35:6-8).

Elihu declared that God is with us when we suffer. He will never leave us. His presence gives us “songs in the night” (35:10). He cares. He is worthy of praise for His presence and for giving us an intelligence that sets us apart from mere animals (35:11). God, said Elihu, does not answer the prayers of the proud (35:12-13). Elihu said that Job did not make sense when he, on the one hand, claimed to lay his case before God and then, on the other hand, suggested that God was not concerned about matters of injustice and wickedness. Elihu told Job to be patient and wait upon God (35:14-16).

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