Job 34

Elihu’s Solution to Job’s Problem   (32:1 – 37:24) — continued

In his second speech, Elihu rebutted Job’s claim that God is not fair. He invited Job and his friends to listen to his words. Elihu again quoted Job’s words (34:5-9) in which Job declared that he was innocent and was suffering unjustly. Job questioned why one should serve God if suffering is the reward.

Elihu told his listeners that God is always just and always acts according to His nature. God “will not pervert justice” (34:12). He will judge the wicked. There will be a payday someday. In addition, God is sovereign and beyond accountability to anyone (34:13). He answers to no one. In addition, Job had wondered, “Where is God?” Elihu answered by reminding Job that God is here! If God were to withdraw Himself from our lives we would immediately perish (34:14-15).

Elihu declared that no man is in a position to criticize God in the matter of how He enforces judgment. God rules the universe impartially. He looks upon no man with partiality. God does not play favorites. Any man, regardless of his station in life, can be quickly judged and removed from the earth.

Elihu praised God as the omniscient Judge of the universe. God sees everything that men do in the light as well as the darkness. No man can dupe God in the way human judges can be duped. He is capable and qualified to judge men on the basis of what he sees and knows. No man can escape God’s searching gaze and the accountability that he requires of all men. Injustice and wickedness will never enjoy any lasting triumph.

Elihu told Job that while he could ask God why he was suffering, he was wrong in demanding that God give him an explanation. God, said Elihu, is not accountable to us. Elihu concluded his second speech by quoting Job’s friends (34:34-37) who felt that Job ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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