Job 36

Elihu’s Solution to Job’s Problem   (32:1 – 37:24) — continued

In his fourth and final speech, Elihu contended that God is powerful and in control, in spite of anything indicating otherwise. Elihu told Job that he knew what he was talking about.

Elihu declared that God is righteous and mighty. He is personally concerned for mankind, judges the wicked, helps the oppressed, and exalts the righteous (36:5-7). God uses His power to help the righteous and punish the wicked. Those in affliction who are unrepentant will die whereas those who repent will live (36:8-12). Elihu said that the ungodly do not cry out to God for help when they feel the chastening of God. Instead they die like young and incorrigible degenerates (36:13-15).

Elihu strongly cautioned Job to stop complaining lest by doing so he sin against God. He told Job to be careful lest he speak presumptuously against God.

Elihu reminded Job that no man is in a position to reprove or instruct God concerning His actions (36:22-26). Who can question the way in which God runs the universe? He manages it with skill beyond our comprehension as evidenced by the cycle of precipitation. These wondrous works in nature testify to the greatness and power of God. Elihu’s point was that God is in control of nature and everything in the universe. God is sovereign and powerful. God reigns from the throne of heaven. God is not powerless.

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