Matthew 24

Matthew 24:42-44

24:42 “Therefore [word points to previous discussion or illustration (read 24:38-39)] keep watch [be prepared for the fulfillment of Jesus’ words; do not be caught off guard], because you do not know on what day [time] your Lord will come [His coming will be sudden].

24:43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming [Jesus’ coming is compared to that of a thief in the night (cf. 1 Thess. 5:2; Rev. 3:3; 16:15)], he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.

24:44 So [because Jesus had told His disciples in advance about His return His followers had no excuse for being unprepared] you also must be ready, because the Son of Man [this was Jesus’ favorite self description (cf. Dan. 7:13-14); a seldom used title for the Messiah; Jesus filled this title with meaning] will come [cf. Titus 2:13] at an hour when you do not expect him.

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