Job 27

Job’s Reply to Bildad   (26:1 – 31:40) — continued

Lawson comments, “One benefit of a trial is it can cause us to look inward and take inventory – something we might not otherwise do.” Beginning in chapter 27, Job turned the spotlight inward to take personal inventory of his life. He began with a solemn oath “As God lives” (27:2). This was a way of saying, “What I am about to say is a certain as God’s existence.” As Job took inventory of his life, his speech, and his actions he affirmed his commitment to integrity. He had not compromised either his integrity or his righteousness. Job would not confess to crimes he had never committed, in spite of the accusations of his friends. Job declared that what his friends had said about him was not true.

Job told his friends that God does not hear the godless in the times of their distress (which is usually the only time the godless call upon God).

Job asserted that the wicked will be held accountable by God, if not in this world then the next. In addition, their descendants will suffer the consequences of their forebears’ wickedness.

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