Job 26

Job’s Reply to Bildad   (26:1 – 31:40)

Job fired back at Bildad with tough words. Job said, “Some help you have been. The issue is not over God’s greatness but over God’s justice. You haven’t told me anything about God’s greatness that I don’t already know. By the way, Bildad, whose mouthpiece are you, anyway?” (26:4). The implication was that Bildad was not God’s spokesman. The implication was that Bildad was not a voice from heaven. Indeed, Bildad had unwittingly become Satan’s mouthpiece, along with his other two companions.

Steven J. Lawson comments:

“We must be careful to whom we listen. Even our closest friends can become brokers of the Devil’s trash, dumping their lies at our feet. With spiritual discernment, we must carefully weigh and evaluate the advice we receive. . .Likewise, we must be careful what counsel we give to others. We, too, will either be a mouthpiece for God or for Satan. Our lives must be yielded to God and filled with His Spirit if we are to give wise guidance to others.”

Job spoke to Bildad about the sovereignty of God over all creation. There is no thing or place that is beyond the scope of God’s sovereignty, including the souls of men. Job concluded by stating that God is indeed beyond our comprehension (26:14).

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