Job 23

Job’s Reply to Eliphaz   (23:1 – 24:25)

Job responded to Eliphaz by ignoring him and speaking to the Lord instead. “Good move, Job!” He again expressed his longing for a hearing before God Himself. Only then would the matter of his innocence be cleared up. The key question Job asked in this chapter is, “God, where are You?” This is a question men often ask in the midst of their trials. Difficulties have a way of obscuring our vision. It is easy to lose sight of God when things are not going well. Job wanted desperately to stand and present his case before God, if he could but find Him.

It seemed to Job that no matter which way he turned he could not find God. And yet he knew that God was aware of his painful situation. “If only I could present my case in court,” thought Job, “I would come out of the trial as good as gold. I have held fast to God’s ways. I have treasured every letter of His Word. I know that God would acquit me if He could just hear my case.”

And then the thought of actually standing before God, the sovereign of the universe, hit Job. He became terrified at the very thought of having to stand and pleads his case before God.

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