Job 22

The Third Cycle of Speeches   (22:1 – 31:40)

The Third Speech of Eliphaz   (22:1-30)

Eliphaz responded to Job with the direct and heartless precision of a sniper. He pointed his finger in Job’s face and accused him of a multitude of sins, including: taking pledges from his brothers (22:6), stripping others naked (22:7, a reference to taking a man’s garment in pledge for a debt and then foreclosing on him), withholding food and water from the needy (22:8), and rejecting widows and crushing orphans (22:9). Notice that Eliphaz offered absolutely no supporting evidence whatsoever for his charges. Like the Devil himself, Eliphaz barraged Job with a shower of vague and unsubstantiated charges. He tried to play the Holy Spirit in Job’s life. Eliphaz’s philosophy was simple: “Only the wicked suffer. Job is suffering a lot. He must be really wicked!”

Note: Read Job 29:12-17 where Job spoke of his contribution to society.

Eliphaz sarcastically asked Job if he intended to continue traveling down the path of the wicked (22:15) which led to certain destruction (22:16). He asked if Job intended to continue to travel the path of those who reject God and act as though they are above the law (22:17). Though they have an abundance of things, they will lose it all and the righteous will rejoice (22:19-20).

Eliphaz pressed Job to “yield” (22:21), “receive” (22:22), “return” (22:23), and “remove” (22:23). He told Job to get right with God. He tried to pressure a confession out of Job. If Job would just confess his sin, Eliphaz suggested, then everything would once again be great in Job’s life (22:25-30). Again, the clear implication is that Job was guilty of some sin that brought trouble to his life.

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