Psalm 28


A Prayer for Help, and Praise for Its Answer

A Psalm of David

A. Invocation

28:1 To You, Lord [the more we love the Lord the more earnestly we will seek Him and the more we will hate being away from Him], I call [an expression of dependence; the creature crying out to the Creator; the earnestness of our cry can be measured by the severity of the need or threat];
My rock [God is strong], do not be deaf to me,
For if You are silent to me [the worst case scenario],
I will become like those who go down to the pit [“What a dreadful case should we be in if the Lord should become forever silent to our prayers!” CH Spurgeon].

28:2 Hear [the psalmist longed to know that God would hear and respond to his cry] the sound of my pleadings [the psalmist understood that his hope was dependent on God hearing and responding to his cries] when I cry to You [To whom do we cry for help and when?] for help,
When I raise my hands
[like a beggar, David raised empty hands in eager expectation] toward Your holy sanctuary [the place that represented the presence of God].

Note: Things that hinder our prayers and may cause God to not hear us.
• Unconfessed sin | Psalm 66:18-19; Prov. 28:9
• Regarding idols in our heart | Ezekiel 14:7-8
• Refusing to forgive others | Mark 11:25; Matthew 5:23-24
• Ignoring the cries of the poor for help | Proverbs 21:13
• Asking amiss | James 4:3; Matthew 6:7
• Asking in unbelief | James 1:6-8; Matthew 21:22
• Clinging to disobedience | Zechariah 7:11-13
• Family (marital) discord | 1 Peter 3:7
• Not asking | James 4:2

B. Imprecation

28:3 Do not drag me away with the wicked
[the fate of the wicked is different than that of the righteous (cf. Ps. 1:5-6)]
And with those who practice injustice [see Prov. 6:16-19 re: the things that God hates],
Who speak peace
[deceptively] with their neighbors,
While evil is in their hearts.

28:4 Give back to them [God hates and must punish sin] according to their work and according to the evil of their practices [cf. Col. 3:25];
Give back to them according to the work of their hands;
Repay them what is due them.

28:5 Because they do not regard the works of the Lord
Nor the deeds of His hands,

He will tear them down and not build them up.

C. Intercession and Praise

 [David’s prayer turned to praise] Blessed be the Lord [David again turned his attention to God],
Because He has heard the sound of my pleading.

28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield
[cf. Ps. 3:3; a defensive piece of equipment; the Lord is an impenetrable shield];
My heart trusts in Him, and
[trusting God precedes help] I am helped;
Therefore my heart triumphs,
And with my song
[our gratitude for the kindness of the Lord to us should ascend to heaven in our songs of praise] I shall thank Him [the response of one who is grateful].

28:8 The Lord is their strength,
And He is a refuge
[a place of safety from threats and dangers] of salvation to His anointed.

28:9 Save Your people and bless Your inheritance;
Be their shepherd also, and carry
[as a shepherd carries a lamb] them forever.

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