Isaiah 62

Zion to Be Honored as God’s Bride

What honor is in store for Zion?
These verses accentuate the difference that God makes. They look to the day when Israel will be vindicated before the world. They look to the day when Zion’s name will be changed from “Forsaken” to “My delight is in her,” and the name of her land from “Desolate” to “Married” (6:4).

God’s Watchmen to Guard Jerusalem

What responsibility was assigned to the watchmen?
These verses announce the placement of watchmen on the wall. The primary responsibility of these watchmen is to pray incessantly (62:6) for Jerusalem until God blesses her with peace and prosperity (62:7-9). No longer will foreigners confiscate the harvests and products of God’s people (62:8). God’s people will be privileged to enjoy the labor of their hands and to give praise to the Lord (62:9).

Practical Consideration: Believers should pray for their nation.
Isaiah spoke of watchmen on the wall who were responsible for praying for the peace of Jerusalem. These watchmen prayed incessantly for their beloved city. Believers today have a responsibility to pray for their nation. Many are guilty of incessant criticism, few of incessant prayer.

Jerusalem‘s Inhabitants Invite the Exiles Back

What did God urge the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do?
God charged the inhabitants of Jerusalem to prepare a highway for the return of exiles still scattered among the nations and to call those exiles home. On that day the city will be called “Sought out, a city not forsaken,” and God’s people will be called “The holy people, the redeemed of the Lord.”

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