Isaiah 59

A Confession of Sin

What did the prophet express in the confession of sin recorded in Isaiah 59?
These verses record Isaiah’s prayer of confession on behalf of the people. Notice the use of “us,” “we,” and “our.” Isaiah identified himself with the people. His prayer illustrates the results of disobedience to God: [1] they grope in darkness (59:9-10), [2] they groan like animals (59:11), [3] they are weighed down with guilt (59:12-13), [4] they are plagued by injustice (59:14-15a).

God Is A Warrior Against Sin

How did God respond to the prayer of confession?
These verses constitute God’s response to the prayer of confession. Notice the following:

First, God expressed that He is both aware of and displeased with what He saw (59:15b).

Second, God intervened on behalf of the downtrodden (59:16).

Third, God clothed Himself like a warrior (59:17) and dealt personally with the wicked (59:19), coming as the Redeemer of His people (59:20).

The chapter closes with the assurance that God will maintain His covenant with His people (59:21).

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