Isaiah 50

In Isaiah 50:1-3, Israel complained that God had arbitrarily divorced her, sold her children into servitude, and sent her into captivity (50:1). There was however, no “certificate of divorce” or bill of sale to substantiate the charge (50:1a).

The reason Israel was sent into exile was because of her sin (50:1b) and unwillingness to respond to God’s voice (50:2a).

God further declared that any delays in the deliverance were caused by His people’s continued disobedience and not because He was unable to deliver them (50:2b). God is not only capable of delivering His people, He is also capable of destroying His foes (50:2c-3).

The Servant Will Serve with God’s Help

How did Isaiah describe the Servant?

First, Isaiah described the servant as being teachable. He listens to God and is obedient to His word (50:4-5). His heart and mind are open to the Lord’s instruction. He has a daily quiet time with the Lord.

Second, the servant is described as being a teacher. Because the Lord has taught him, he in turn teaches others (50:4). Those who listen to God have something to tell others.

Third, he suffered physical abuse and persecution as he performed his task of speaking God’s word (50:6). Compare verse 6 with the treatment of Jesus in Matthew 26:67 and 27:30.

Fourth, he is confident in performing his task because God is on his side and helps him (50:7-9). He knows that God will deal with those who fail to trust Him and obey His word (50:10-11).

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