Isaiah 32

Rule of the Righteous King

What kind of leadership did Isaiah envision in Judah’s future?
Isaiah 32:1-8 records Isaiah’s prophecy regarding the future leadership of Judah. He envisioned the day when Judah’s leaders would be men of integrity who would rule justly (32:1). They would provide protection for their people (32:2) whose eyes and ears would be open to the truth (32:3). Under righteous rule hasty men would learn restraint, stammering men would learn to speak (32:4), and fools would be known for what they are (32:5-8).

Warning to Complacent Women of Jerusalem

What word did Isaiah have for the women of Jerusalem?
The language of verse 10 suggests that this oracle was spoken in the year(s) prior to 701 B.C. when Sennacherib invaded Judah and devastated the land. Isaiah called on the complacent women of Jerusalem to give ear to his word regarding the serious political situation of the day (32:9). He told these women to put on sackcloth and put away their frivolity because of the imminent problems the city and its environs were about to face.

Description of a Glorious Future

What did Isaiah envision would happen when the Spirit of the Lord is poured out?

Isaiah envisioned the day when the Spirit of the Lord will be poured out on the earth (32:15). In that day the earth will become fertile (32:15) and justice and righteousness will be established (32:16-17). The people will dwell in security, able to carry on their normal daily activities without fear (32:18). They will sow their crops without fear of failure and allow their livestock to roam freely (32:20).

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