Isaiah 25

Songs of Prophecies of the Day of the Lord

What will be the response of the believing remnant that survives God’s judgment?

Those who survive God’s judgment will sing songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for performing wonderful deeds/mighty acts (25:1) against ruthless nations (25:2-3) and in defense of the helpless and needy (25:4-5).

The “fortified city” in verse 2 is not named and should be interpreted as a reference to any city hostile to God. The song celebrates the Lord’s protection and care for the helpless and needy from the ruthless and powerful who will ultimately fear God (25:3). The Lord will silence the “song of the ruthless” (25:5) so that only the song of God’s people will be heard.

The Lord also will prepare a banquet “for all peoples [Jews and Gentiles] on this mountain [Mount Zion]” (25:6). The Lord (Messiah), reigning as King, will perform three mighty acts.

First, He will remove “the veil which is stretched over all nations” (25:7). Some interpret the veil as a reference to the tyranny and oppression to which Israel and other nations were subjected. Others interpret it as the veil which blinds people to the truth of the gospel (see 2 Corinthians 3:16,18) and the glory of the Lord.

Second, “He will swallow up death for all time” (25:8). Third, the Lord “will remove the reproach from His people from all the earth” (25:9).

In addition, Moab (an enemy of God’s people) will be destroyed (25:10-12). Moab symbolized the fate of the wicked who have no part in the feast of the preceding verses.

Practical Consideration: God cares for the helpless and hurting.
Where can men turn when they are helpless, defenseless, and powerless? Where can men turn when they are impoverished, in pain, and in need of immediate assistance? Isaiah 25:4 declares that the Lord is “a defense for the helpless. . .[and] the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shade from the heat.” The Lord Himself defends the defenseless, protects the powerless, and provides for the impoverished. The helpless and hurting should look to God for assistance when life threatens to debilitate and destroy them.

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