Isaiah 19

What word did God give regarding Egypt?
Isaiah spoke to Judah against relying upon Egypt’s help against the Assyrian threat. He described the coming judgment of the Lord upon Egypt and its impact upon the nation: their idols would tremble (19:1); they would engage in civil war (19:2) and look to the wrong sources for counsel (19:3); they would be delivered into the hand of a cruel master (perhaps the Ethiopians or Assyrians, 19:4); the Nile River would dry up and they would experience a terrible drought resulting in devastating economic problems (19:5-10); and Egypt would suffer at the hands of stupid leaders (19:11-15).

Isaiah 19:16-25 contains five oracles each of which is introduced by the formula “in that day.”

The first oracle (19:16-17) describes the fear that will be felt by the Egyptians in the day of God’s judgment.

The second oracle (19:18) predicts a day when five cities in Egypt will speak the language of Canaan (Hebrew). This oracle looks to a day when many in Egypt will turn to the Lord.

The third oracle (19:19-22) points to the day when the Lord will be worshiped in Egypt.

The fourth oracle (19:23) envisions a day when an intercontinental highway will join Egypt with Assyria and the peoples of both nations will worship the Lord.

The fifth oracle (19:24-25) looks to the day when Israel, Egypt, and Assyria will unite in the worship of the Lord and there will at last be peace in the Middle East.

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