Isaiah 16

What word did God give regarding Moab?
Moab was destined for destruction at the hands of the Assyrians. Isaiah 15 solemnly describes the mourning of the Moabites. The Moabites expressed their grief by shaving their heads and beards (15:2), wearing sackcloth (15:3), and crying aloud (15:3-4).

The fugitives fled as far south as possible in an effort to escape destruction (15:5-8), but Isaiah prophesied that even this Moabite remnant would not escape (15:9). The Moabites sent tribute to Jerusalem in an effort to secure political asylum (16:1-5). The request of the proud and arrogant Moabites was rejected (16:6-7).

Isaiah 16:8-11 describes the desolation of Moab. Isaiah also expressed personal sorrow for the destruction of Moab (16:11). Moab was even beyond the help of prayer (16:12). Isaiah predicted that Moab would be reduced to a “very small and impotent” remnant within three years (16:13-14).

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