Nehemiah 7

Consolidation: An Intelligent Policy
Nehemiah 7:1-73

The work of rebuilding the walls was the first phase of Nehemiah’s plan. The second phase involved the consolidation of the work. Knowing that the Jews had many enemies on both sides of the city walls, Nehemiah wasted no time in taking measures to safeguard the city.

Nehemiah appointed men to guard the gates and ordered that the gates be opened for only a brief period of time each day. In addition, he organized a “Neighborhood Watch” program by appointing citizens to help guard the city.

Nehemiah was also concerned that the city of Jerusalem was only sparsely populated. He therefore ordered a census to determine the Jewish demographic patterns in Judah and to lay the groundwork for repopulating the city of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah was truly a man who lived for God and others. His whole life was devoted to serving God, his fellow Jews, and to helping the city and people of Jerusalem to become great once more.

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