Micah 3

What word did Micah have for the political leaders?

Micah denounced the political leaders for failing to practice justice (Micah 3:1 and 9), for losing their moral compass (Micah 3:2a) in that they hated good and loved evil, and for fiercely and thoughtlessly devouring the people (Micah 3:2b and 10). Micah warned them that they would experience a punishment in kind. The day would come when their enemies would treat these evil leaders in the same manner that they treated their poor countrymen. In the day of their distress their cries for help would go unheeded (Micah 3:4).

Practical Consideration: We should heed the Golden Rule.
The judgment of God upon the rich and powerful was punishment in kind. Those who took the possessions of others would lose their possessions (Micah 2:4-5). Those who turned a deaf ear to the cries of those they oppressed would find no one to listen to their cries in their distress (Micah 3:4). Jesus said, ” By your standard of measure, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:2b) … Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7:12). James 2:13 states, “For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment.” Someone has said, “Those that will not be ruled by grace will be overcome by judgment.”

What word did Micah have for the prophets?

Micah denounced the spiritual leaders for adjusting their preaching according to their pay (Micah 3:5 and 11). As one commentator noted, “What came out of their mouths depended on what went in.” Micah announced that these false prophets would find themselves in darkness and no longer see visions (Micah 3:6) and find themselves without anything to say (Micah 3:7). Micah presented his credentials in Micah 3:8. In contrast to the false prophets, Micah announced that he was “filled with power – with the Spirit of the Lord – and with justice and courage.” He was willing to preach God’s message without compromise.

Practical Consideration: Divine work must be done in dependence upon divine power.
Micah denounced the spiritual leaders and prophets of his day for adjusting their message according to their income and prophesying for the benefit of those who paid them. Micah, on the other hand, preached God’s message without compromise. He was an untouchable! He could not be bought for a bribe. Micah’s heart and life was filled with power and with the Spirit of the Lord. He delivered a divine message in dependence upon divine power. His heart was filled with justice and courage. He preached the word of the Lord regardless of how unpopular the message might be to his hearers. God could count on Micah. Can He count on us?

What word did Micah have for all the leaders?

Micah announced that all the leaders of the land had become oppressors/exploiters of the weak, had lost their sense of what was right and fair, could be bought for a price, and yet felt immune from God’s judgment (Micah 3:9-11). Micah however, announced that because of the rampant sins of the leaders, God’s judgment would come. Jerusalem would be destroyed (Micah 3:12). Micah was the first prophet to predict doom for Jerusalem. Micah’s prophecy was fulfilled a century later.

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