2 Samuel 8

2 Samuel 8:15
8:15 David reigned over all [northern and southern tribes; all the territory that had come under David’s control] Israel, doing what was just [implies treating each person fairly before God regardless of economic or social status] and right [involves living in a right relationship with God and others] for all [suggests David’s impartiality] his people.

Note: What are some ways those who have power might fail to treat others justly and righteously? What steps can we take to see that others are treated fairly in those situations? How can you use your position to show kindness to those who in some ways are subordinate to you?

For more on justice and righteousness, read:
• Job 37:23; Jer. 9:24 (re: God)
• Ps. 106:3; Prov. 21:3 (re: those who follow God)
• 1 Kings 10:9 (re: king)

For more on how David demonstrated justice and righteousness throughout his life, read:
• 1 Sam. 24:3-13; 26:7-25 (refused to kill Saul)
• 2 Sam. 1:10-16; 4:5-12 (enforced God’s law against those who murdered Saul and his sons)
• 2 Sam. 3:33-37 (valued people)
• 2 Sam. 2:4b-7 (treated others with respect)

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