Joshua 23

Joshua 23:1-3

23:1 After a long time [perhaps a long time after Joshua had assumed leadership] had passed [perhaps refers to the twenty-seven years that had passed since the end of the conquest] and the LORD had given Israel rest [major battles ended; Israel settled in the land] from all their enemies around them, Joshua, by then old and well advanced in years [Joshua was 110 when he died (Josh. 24:29)],

23:2 summoned all [perhaps only those tribes living west of the Jordan] Israel—their elders, leaders, judges and officials—and said to them [note reason for calling the leaders together]: “I am old and well advanced in years.

23:3 You yourselves have seen [eyewitnesses] everything the LORD your God has done to all these nations [God’s enemies were Israel’s enemies] for your sake; it was the LORD your God who fought for you.

Joshua 23:6-8
23:6 “Be very strong; be careful to obey [condition to be observed in order to enjoy the land; knowing God’s Word is not enough, we must obey it] all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses, without turning aside to the right or to the left.

23:7 Do not [explicit warning] associate [intermingle; there must be a significant line of demarcation between God’s people and the world] with these nations that remain [reason for caution] among you; [note prohibitions (underlined) against any form of worship of the pagan deities of their defeated enemies] do not invoke the names of their gods or swear by them. You must not serve them or bow down to them.

23:8 But you are to hold fast [intimate and binding relationship] to the LORD your God, as you have until now.

Joshua 23:14
23:14 “Now I am about to go the way of all the earth [an idiom for death; people come and go but God’s work endures]. You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the LORD your God gave you has failed [literally means “to fall”]. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.

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