Genesis 39

Genesis 39:2-10
39:2 The LORD was with [God was not limited or confined to the borders of Canaan] Joseph [although Joseph was separated from his family, he was not alone because the Lord was with him] and he prospered [success despite hardship], and he lived in the house [up to this point he had only lived in tents] of his Egyptian master [“Potiphar, an Egyptian who was one of Pharaoh’s officials, the captain of the guard” (Gen. 39:1)].

39:3 When his master saw that the LORD [Yahweh; since Potiphar would have been familiar with hundreds of gods/goddesses, he probably had asked Joseph the name of his God] was with him and that the LORD gave him success in everything he did,

39:4 Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant. Potiphar put him in charge of his household, and he entrusted to his care everything he owned.

39:5 From the time he put him in charge of his household and of all that he owned [Joseph became a steward or manager of Potiphar’s household and property; cf. 1 Cor. 4:2], the LORD blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph. The blessing of the LORD was on everything Potiphar had, both in the house and in the field.

39:6 So he left in Joseph’s care everything he had; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate. Now Joseph was well-built and handsome [Joseph’s mother Rachel is described as “lovely in form, and beautiful” (Gen. 29:17)],
39:7 and after a while
[temptation often comes when everything seems to be going well] his master’s wife took notice [continually did so] of Joseph and said, “Come to bed with me! [an invitation to have sexual relations]

39:8 But he refused. “With me in charge,” he told her, “my master [note the extent of Potiphar’s trust] does not concern himself with anything in the house; everything he owns he has entrusted [Joseph would not violate his master’s trust] to my care.

39:9 No one is greater in this house than I am. My master has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. [notice that Joseph had moral convictions prior to being tempted…] How then could I do such a wicked [Joseph recognized the character of such an immoral deed] thing [adultery undermines marriage] and sin against God [Joseph understood that sin is always against God; cf. Ps. 51:4]?”

39:10 And though she spoke to Joseph day after day [Joseph stood firm though she was persistent], he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her [Joseph wisely kept his distance].

Genesis 39:19-23
39:19 When his master heard the story his wife told him, saying, “This is how your slave treated me,” he burned with anger.

39:20 Joseph’s master took him and put him in prison [the fact that he did not have Joseph executed may indicate he really did not believe that Joseph was guilty; cf. Ps. 105:17-18], the place [being confined in this place would prove providential] where the king’s prisoners [political prisoners] were confined. But while Joseph was there in the prison,

39:21 the LORD was with him [the Lord is with us even in our dark hours]; he showed him kindness [loyal or steadfast love] and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden [recognized Joseph’s ability and trustworthiness].

39:22 So the warden [trusted Joseph’s integrity] put Joseph in charge of all those held in the prison, and he was made responsible for all that was done there.

39:23 The warden paid no attention to anything under Joseph’s care, because the LORD was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.

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