Matthew 11

Matthew 11:28-30
The Great Invitation

11:28 “Come [means to believe in Jesus] to me [Jesus is accessible], all [inclusive invitation] you who are weary [one who suffers from agonizing toil] and burdened [in this context refers to those burdened with pharisaical legal rules and regulations; cf. Lk. 11:46], and I [Jesus alone] will give you rest [refresh, rejuvenate you; cf. Jer. 31:25; this does not refer to an escape from work or other demands].

11:29 Take [to lift up] my yoke [a symbol of obligation and submission; invitation to become His disciple] upon you and learn from me, for I am [note description of Jesus…] gentle [meek] and humble [lowly] in heart, and you will find [obtain] rest for your souls [or “for yourselves”].

11:30 For my yoke [as opposed to the burdensome yoke of the religious leaders (cf. Acts 15:10)] is easy [or well-fitting; a yoke is designed for two (indicating that Jesus bears the yoke with us)] and my burden [what He requires] is light [cf. 1 Jn. 5:3].”

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