Job 7

Job’s Reply to Eliphaz   (6:1 – 7:21) — continued

We are given insight into Job’s frustrating condition in these verses. Job likened himself to a man who works hard for a meager stipend (7:1-2), longing for the night that will bring him rest from his drudgery (7:3). The night however, offered no rest and left him longing for the dawn (7:4). There was no rest at night or by day. The days seemed to alternately pass like a weaver’s shuttle at the loom (7:6). There was no rest or escape from the chronic pain of the awful disease (7:5) he suffered. Brutally aware of the brevity of his existence, Job appealed to his friends to be mindful of the fact that he was dying and would not be around much longer (7:7-10). Surely they could show a little more consideration to a dying man.

Job appealed to God to give him a respite from his sufferings, even if only for a moment. Job spoke honestly to God about his situation (7:11). He asked God why He guarded him like an animal in his cage of affliction (7:12). Job asked why he was constantly afflicted by nightmares that robbed him of much needed sleep (7:14). Death was better than this (7:15-18). Job asked for a break from his suffering that would at least give him the opportunity to swallow his saliva (7:19). Job desperately wanted for God to reveal to him what he had done that might have caused such calamities to come upon him (7:20-21). Job promised to confess anything that the Lord might show him was amiss in his life (7:21).

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