Job 5

The First Speech of Eliphaz   (4:1 – 5:27) — continued

Eliphaz continued his demoralizing discourse by reminding Job that the foolish man who flouts God’s law will be destroyed (5:2). Even though a fool may at first succeed (5:3), calamity will soon fall upon both him and his family (5:4-5). Once again the implication is clear that Job has lost his family and fortune because of some moral failure in his life. In the eyes of his friends, Job was guilty until he could prove his innocence.

Eliphaz told Job to turn to God. “If I were in your place,” said Eliphaz, “I would seek God and place my cause before Him.” He seems to imply, “Job, if you will just confess your sin before God, He will shower you with blessings and restore your hope. Until then, you’ll continue to grope around in the dark.”

Eliphaz’s cold and judgmental spirit comes through as he continued by telling to Job to cheer up because God was disciplining him through his trials (5:17). God can be counted on to heal the wounds He inflicts (5:18) and to protect his children from various troubles (5:19-25). God will see to it that His humble servants stay healthy to the grave (5:26). Eliphaz suggested that he had learned these things from experience and observation (5:27). The insinuation of Eliphaz’s argument is that Job must be suffering the consequences of his own misdeeds.

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