Job 29

Job’s Reply to Bildad   (26:1 – 31:40) — continued

When in the midst of perplexing and difficult circumstances it is always good to look back and remember the things that God has done on our behalf. Job took the time to look back over his life and recount the blessings of God. He longingly recalled the days when God’s favor covered his home and family.

Job recalled the days when he was held in high esteem by every member of the community because of his life and his treatment of the less fortunate. He recalled the days when he sat at the city gate, the place where legal matters were decided. When he spoke everyone else, including princes and nobles, intently and respectfully listened to him. Job was the E.F. Hutton of his day! Job delivered the poor (29:12), helped orphans (29:12), helped the widows and crippled (29:15), assisted the needy (29:16), and defended the helpless against their oppressors (29:17). Recall that Eliphaz heartlessly accused Job of a multitude of sins against society in his speech recorded in Job 22:1-11.

Job recalled how he thought that his future was secure. He looked forward to dying with his children around him (“in my nest” – 29:18). He felt that his life was deeply rooted, secure, and prosperous (“dew” – 29:19). He had a good reputation (“glory” – 29:18) and strength (“bow” – 29:18).

Job recalled the days when he was highly regarded for his opinions and judgments.

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