Job 15

The Second Cycle of Speeches   (15:1 – 21:24)

The Second Speech of Eliphaz (15:1-35)

The first to open the second round of talks was Eliphaz (15:1), whose name means “God dispenses judgment” (how about that for the name of someone trying to comfort you). His words lack any compassion or sympathy and rule out any possibility that Job might be right in what he had said. His language took on an abusive tone. Eliphaz accused Job of being long-winded and full of hot air (15:2). He told Job that his argument was empty (15:3), irreverent (15:4), invalid (15:5), and sufficient enough to condemn him (15:6).

Eliphaz continued by telling Job: “Who do you think you are? Do you possess wisdom that is greater than ours or the great thinkers of our day? How can you possibly say such things about God? Don’t you know what you are? You are a sinner? How can you challenge God who doesn’t tolerate such nonsense from His angels, much less sinful man?”

Eliphaz challenged Job’s contention that wicked men do prosper in this life. He described the various of troubles that beset and overtake the wicked. Eliphaz contended that the success of the wicked is short-lived and that they receive their punishment in this life. The implication, once again, is that Job must be suffering because he is wicked.

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