Job 10

Job’s Answer to Bildad   (9:1 – 10:22) — continued

Fourth, Job mistakenly thought: “God does not love me.” Because Job was looking at God through his terrible circumstances, he lost sight of God’s love for him. He began to feel that God really did not love him at all (which is easy to do when your life is struck by repeated blows of misfortune).

Job became disoriented through his circumstances. He began to believe what he felt about God rather than what he knew about God. Job could not understand why God was allowing him to be tormented and why the attacks on him seemed to grow in intensity (10:17b).

Feeling that he had nothing more to lose, Job gave full vent to his frustration (10:1), Job asked God to let him know why He was contending with him (10:2), His own child (10:3). Was God having problems seeing clearly (10:4) like a mere mortal (10:5)?

Perhaps God had gotten him mixed up with somebody else. Job asked God why he seemed to be looking for some dirt to hold against him (10:6-7). Job asked God if He fashioned him only for the purpose of carrying out a secret plan to destroy him (10:8-17).

Job’s descent into the depths of despair is seen in his words expressing that it would have been better for him to go from the womb to the tomb (10:18-19). Job asked God to back off and give him a few days of peace before his death (10:20-22).

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