Psalm 134

Note: This is the last of the psalms of ascent to Jerusalem (Psalms 120—134).

A song of ascents.

134:1 [a call to worship] Praise the Lord, all you servants [the priests; possibly the Levites] of the Lord who minister [stand] by night [“When night settles down on a church, the Lord has His watchers and holy ones still guarding His truth, and these must not be discouraged, but must bless the Lord even when the darkest hours draw on.” (Spurgeon)] in the house of the Lord.

134:2 Lift up your hands [the attitude of prayer among the Jews (cf. Ps. 28:2; 1 Tim. 2:8); as per Solomon’s instructions (cf. 1 Kings 8:30); hands were required to be clean (Ps. 24:4); hands should be empty and not preoccupied with other things] in the sanctuary and praise [or bless] the Lord.

134:3 [a benediction; The priests as good as say, “You have desired us to bless the Lord, and now we pray the Lord to bless you.” (Spurgeon)] May the Lord [Yahweh, the covenant God] bless you from Zion [from the place where the Lord had put His name], he who is the Maker of heaven and earth [i.e., the King of the universe].

The Psalms of Ascent
As summarized by J.B. Phillips in “Exploring the Psalms”, Vol. 5, pages 124-127

Beholding the Lord

Psalm 120 | The psalmist was groaning.
Psalm 121 | The psalmist was glancing.
Psalm 122 | The psalmist was seen glorying.
Psalm 123 | The psalmist could be seen gazing.
Psalm 124 | The psalmist was heard gasping.

Believing the Lord

Psalm 125 | Dangers were minimized.
Psalm 126 | Dreams were realized.
Psalm 127 | Desires were verbalized.
Psalm 128 | Delights were multiplied.
Psalm 129 | Dreads were crucified.

Blessing the Lord
Psalm 130 | The psalmist sang of the pardon of the Lord.
Psalm 131 | The psalmist told of the patience of the Lord.
Psalm 132 | The psalmist sang of the promises of the Lord.
Psalm 133 | The psalmist sang of the people of the Lord.
Psalm 134 | The psalmist sang of the power of the Lord.

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