Psalm 117


• This is the shortest chapter in the Bible.
• This is the middle chapter of the Bible with 594 preceding it and 594 following.
• “In God’s worship, it is not always necessary to be long; few words sometimes say what is sufficient, as this short Psalm giveth us to understand.” (David Dickson)
• This psalm is the fifth of the Egyptian Hallel psalms (113—118).

117:1 Praise [from Heb. word “hallel” which means “to shine” or “to glorify” or “to praise”] the Lord [“There is hardly any duty more pressed in the Old Testament upon us, though less practiced, than this of praising God.” (Abraham Wright)], all you nations; extol [or “laud”; to praise God with a voice that is loud so that everyone can hear] him, all you peoples.

117:2 [note the cause for praise…] For great is his love toward us [God’s love is constant and always faithful], and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord [Heb., Hallelu Yah].

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