Psalm 15

A psalm of David.

15:1 Lord, who [or what kind of person] may dwell [to have fellowship or communion with God; in terms of Near Eastern hospitality, the question could be phrased, “Who may be a guest in your tent?”; term synonymous with “live”] in your sacred tent [in the OT and in Jesus’ day, God’s presence was centralized in the temple]? Who may live [to have fellowship or communion with God; term synonymous with “dwell”] on your holy mountain [Mount Zion]?

15:2 [as pilgrims approached Jerusalem during the three great pilgrimage festivals (Passover, Firstfruits, Booths) they were responsible for examining themselves before setting foot in the courts of the sanctuary; note the following 10 conditions…] [1] [walk] The one whose walk is blameless [a person of integrity], [2] [work] who does [“…not that talks about, thinks about, or hears of, righteousness…” (Luther)] what is righteous [does what is right; lives according to God’s word], [3] [word] who speaks the truth from their heart;

15:3 [4] whose tongue utters no slander [does not gossip; “The tale-bearer carrieth the devil in his tongue, and the tale-hearer carries the devil in his ear.” (Trapp)], [5] who does no wrong [the wise do not purposefully hurt others] to a neighbor [not just the person who lives next door but those with whom we associate], [6] and casts no slur on others [the wise man guards his relationships and does not initiate anything that will hurt them];

15:4 [7] who despises a vile person [a reprobate or someone known for being and doing evil] but honors those who fear the Lord; [8] who keeps an oath even when it hurts [will not sacrifice his honor], and does not change their mind [the wise person keeps or is true to his word];

15:5 [9] who lends money to the poor without interest [without usury; cf. Lev. 25:35-36]; [10] who does not accept a bribe [a perversion of justice] against the innocent [or the hungry]. Whoever does these things will never be shaken [in spite of the adversities and challenges faced].

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