Be Careful What You Kick Around

The small round object looked like a plastic doll’s head to the group of Irish boys on their way to school. And doing what comes natural to little boys, they playfully kicked it all the way to school — much the same as little boys often kick a can or any nondescript piece of litter.

When they got to school, one of the boys picked up the little soccer ball and stuck it in the school-yard fence. Minutes later a teacher arrived and noticed the object wedged in the fence. Upon closer examination, the suspicious teacher immediately called the authorities. Within minutes a bomb squad was on the scene.

The little doll’s head that the boys had kicked all the way to school was actually a plastic explosive — the kind that terrorists use to blow up cars and buildings and stuff. Wow! It’s frightening to think that those innocent school boys were one swift kick away from death. This event, reported on National Public Radio, gives a whole new meaning to the expression “playing with dynamite!”

The dangerous game of Irish Roulette always begins in an innocent sort of way. A conversation with a serpent, for example! (Genesis 3) What harm could there possibly be in discussing horticulture with a serpent? What’s wrong with kicking around a little friendly dialogue with an articulate member of the slithery species? Surely there was no danger in such a discourse. Except for biting into a piece of fruit that would have explosive consequences.

What about an innocent stroll on the palace balcony on a sleepless night! (2 Samuel 11) What possible danger in that? Besides, the king always enjoyed gazing at the stars. Such gazing had once inspired him to write a Psalm about the stars and the heavens and God’s magnificent handiwork (Psalm 8). Surely there was no danger in a little stroll on a sleepless night. Except for spying on a woman taking her evening bath and kicking around a few lustful thoughts.

Yes, the dangerous game of Irish Roulette always begins in an innocent sort of way. And our adversary the devil does his best to conceal the explosive potential in the things we innocently and ignorantly kick around.

So think twice before you kick around dialogue, thoughts, looks, or ideas that you think you can handle. You could be just one swift kick away from destruction! Remember, the devil is a thief and a terrorist who “comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). So watch your step!

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