How to Memorize Scripture

Relationship — Read the verse in context.
Reading the verse in context is important because it will help you to better understand the meaning of the verse, memorize the verse, and to use the verse in the right manner (see 2 Timothy 2:15).

Read — Read the verse several times.
Read the verse silently, aloud, and with feeling. This will help fix the verse in your mind.

Reference — Learn the location of the verse.
Say the reference at the beginning of the verse. Say the verse. Say the reference at the end of the verse.

Reduce — Break the verse down into small bites.
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! You memorize a verse of Scripture one phrase at a time! Look for key words in each phrase. Say the reference and then the phrase. Repeat the step above and add the next phrase until you have memorized the entire verse.

Record — Write down the verse and look at it.
Get a visual image of the verse. Highlight or underline key words in the verse that can help you link phrases. Record the verse on a card. Write the verse on one side of the card and the reference on the opposite side.

Right — Learn the verse word perfectly.
Be precise in your memorization. Take note of the punctuation marks. Do not overlook even the smallest words – they often make the biggest difference. Learning a verse word perfectly will give you confidence in using the verse.

Review — Memorization is only half the battle.
You must review your verses every day.

Keep a memory card with you at all times.
Make a prayer from the verse.
Apply the verse to your life.
Review your verses with a family member or friend.

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