Guiding Children to Use the Bible in Worship

One of my favorite children’s songs is entitled, The B-I-B-L-E. The simple lyrics of the song help children learn about and declare the importance of the Bible…

The B – I – B – L – E … yes, that’s the book for me!
I stand upon the Word of God … the B – I – B – L – E!

God has charged parents with the responsibility of providing spiritual instruction in the home (see Deut. 6:4-9). Parents should use God’s Word in the home to teach their children how to put their confidence in God, to not forget the works of God, and to live in obedience to God (see Psalm 78:5-8). Parents should also help their children understand that using the Bible is a part of worship. The following suggestions can help you guide your child in using the Bible in worship.

B = BUY a copy of the Bible for your child.
Visit a local Christian bookstore and look at their selection of Bibles for children. Purchase a Bible that is appropriate for the age of your child. Print your child’s name on the inside page of the Bible or have your child’s name embossed on the outside cover. Write a personal note of encouragement on the fly leaf as well.

I = Stimulate your child’s INTEREST in the Bible.
Set aside time to help your child become acquainted with the Bible. Look for opportunities to talk with your child about God’s Word. Talk with your child about the maps and pictures in their Bible or about favorite Bible stories and verses.

B = Encourage your child to BRING their Bible to worship.
Help your child find the Pastor’s sermon text in the Bible. Ask your child to follow along and to listen carefully as the Pastor reads his sermon text from the Bible. Place a Bible marker on the page so that you can refer to the sermon text again.

L = LEAD your child to care for the Bible.
Help your child to understand that the Bible is a special book. Do not leave your Bible in the pew or in the car when you get home. Ask your child to place their Bible on a nightstand or other designated place in your home. Teach your child to treat the Bible with respect.

E = Children learn by EXAMPLE.
Set a good example for your child by using your Bible at home and in worship. Model the importance of the Bible in your life.

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