A Sacred Assembly Preparation Guide

Note: This is a FAQ sheet that my church, Kingsland Baptist, used in order to prepare our people for participation in a called sacred assembly.

What is a Sacred Assembly?
In the Old Testament, sacred (or solemn) assemblies were occasions for God’s people to repent of personal and corporate sins, to renew their covenant relationship with the Lord, and to return to the Lord in faithful love and obedience.

Why are we observing a Sacred Assembly in January?
The month of January beckons us to reflect on the previous year and to look ahead to the opportunities of the coming year. Throughout the month of January we will reflect on God’s special blessings over the past year and also anticipate His future blessings. We will conclude the month by gathering for a sacred assembly on Sunday evening, January 31, in which we will repent of our sins and renew our commitment to pursue holiness.

Who should participate?
In Old Testament times, every person who could understand was invited to participate in a sacred assembly. We encourage adults and students to participate in our sacred assembly on January 31. Adults and students will meet in The Loft from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. We will provide a coordinated time of teaching for children and preschoolers.

How will our pastor help us to prepare for the Sacred Assembly?
Starting Sunday, January 3, our pastor will speak to us about a longing for revival in our church and nation. In the Sunday mornings to follow he will speak about the need for us to examine our personal and corporate walk with God and to take intentional steps toward a closer and more intimate walk with Him.

Will Wednesday nights be any different in January?
Yes. Our pastor will use three Wednesday evenings in January to lead us toward a biblical understanding of worship through prayer, fasting, and Scripture. His teaching time will be accented with corporate singing and reflection on the holiness of God. All adults and students will meet together on these Wednesday evenings in The Loft.

How should my family and I prepare for the Sacred Assembly?
• Please prepare for our sacred assembly by attending Sunday morning worship and the three Wednesday evening services that our pastor will lead.

• Read and reflect on the Scripture passages posted on the calendar in this newsletter. Use these passages to lead your family in devotions or talks around the dinner table.

• Make the themes of the Scripture passages posted on the calendar in this newsletter central to your daily prayers.

• Use the Table Talk devotionals provided in the Sunday bulletin to guide your family.

• Prayerfully consider fasting at least one day a week in preparation for the sacred assembly.

• Allow the Lord access to every chamber of your life and discard anything that causes your love for Him to grow cold.

• Ask for forgiveness from anyone whom you have offended and offer forgiveness to anyone who has offended you.

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